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Strike-plates and Long Screws


This may seem like a trivial detail, but the reality is that a good, strong, heavy duty strikeplate can be the difference between an intruder easily kicking in the door or not.  The larger the plate coupled with long screws that anchor into the 2x4 framing stud, the stronger your deadbolt and door will be against an attack.



About 60 - 70% of the homes we work in do not have a heavy duty strikeplate installed, and we've had to make costly repairs to doors that were kicked in, causing significant damage to the door frame.  Many times the damage could have been avoided or minimized with this simple precautionary measure.




The same applies to the screws that hold the door hinge to the frame.  The screws that come from the factory are only about 5/8" inches long.  Installing just one long screw in each hinge that anchor into the 2x4 framing stud will significantly increase the strength of your door from an intruders' attempt to kick it in.

Patio Door Security


It is quite common for a homeowner to place a piece of broom stick or something similar at the bottom of the patio door railing for security purposes.  Although this can be effective, the best solution is to install a Security Bar, sometimes refered to as a 'Charlie-Bar', that fits across the middle of the door.  It easily folds away when not in use and is always there when you need it.




Another option is installling a Pin Lock at the top of the door.  This method requires a hole to be drilled through the frame of your patio door.  There are a few variations of pin locks as well.

One Sided (Keyless) Deadbolts


These locks - also known as keyless deadbolts- are designed to offer an extra layer of security in addition to the existing deadbolt.  The lock is not visible from the exterior side of the door and can only be engaged from inside of the home.  



In some states, these type of locks are required to be installed on all rental properties as an added protective measure for tenants. 



Another alternative is to replace your current deadbolts with  special deadbolt locks designed with a similar feature to this 'keyless' device.  No additional holes needed.  Contact us for pricing and additional information.


Door Viewers (Peepholes)


Door viewers are very important because they allow you to see or validate who is on the other side of your door.  They are also inexpensive to purchase and install.  We recommend installing one on all exterior doors  that have no glass or side lights, including the door that leads from the interior of your home to your garage.

Electronic Keypads


These type of keypads are gaining popularity with many homeowners because they eliminate the need of a physical key to open the lock, they simply use a code - usually 4 or 5 digits in length. Some of these can still be operated with a normal key to lock/ unlock; but some of the more recent models are completely keyless and use 'virtual' or 'digital' keys that operate with apps on your smartphone.


One convenient feature of these keypads is that you can create multiple temporary user codes for say - a contractor that is working in your home for a couple of days.  When the work is done, you simply delete the temporary codes and they no longer have access to your property. 


Smoke and CO Alarms 


Learn about the different types of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that can protect your family in case of an emergency.  SECURE HOME carries a variety of these alarms available for installation in your home.




Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are another important component to fire safety.  The NFPA recommends having one on every level of your home but especially in the kitchen and garage area.  SECURE HOME can provide you with an appropriate fire extinguisher that can put out most small, common types of home fires.