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Rekeying your locks is the very first step in securing your home.  This will ensure that all copies of the previous keys will no longer work in the locks, giving you the peace of mind of knowing only you control the keys to your property.

Our basic rekey service includes:


  • Service call to the property

  • Rekey locks on 3 doors (front/ back/ garage), up to six locks

  • 3 copies of the new key

  • Lubricate the locks and make any adjustments to strike plates for easy operation

Next, we inspect your home for fire and carbon monoxide safety.

  • Check all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms with real canned smoke.*  We check for functionality, proper location, and manufacture date (industry standards recommend replacing smoke alarms every 10 years, and CO detectors every 7 years).

  • Replace all batteries in alarms**



We carry standard battery operated units, 10 year lithium, and interconnected hardwired and wireless alarms, and can replace defective or missing units at an additional cost.


*Limits apply to 4 smoke alarms, $10 for additional units.

**Limits apply to 4 alarms, extra batteries per unit $3.50.


Many times, these added services are overlooked, but are just as important to think about.

Re-program garage remotes, and delete all previous user codes.

Re-program  garage door keypad, and delete all previous  user codes.

Mailbox service: change out lock and provide 2 new keys

Fire extinguisher for your kitchen or garage.

Let the SECURE HOME team help make your home a safer and more secure place to live for you and your family.