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We have put together this page of valuable resources with the objective of helping you find additional information on home and fire safety.  The PDFs are printable, and the links will direct you to other websites that provide a wealth of important information on related safety topics.  Please share this page with your family and friends. 

Home Safety Audit / Checklist.


Home Safety Audit / Checklist (Spanish).


What you should know about fire.


Smoke alarms in the home / Alarms for the hearing impaired.


Ionization vs. Photoelectric sensing technology.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector safety.


Learn more about Fire Escape Planning.


Electrical safety tips.


Heating safety tips.


Candle / Smoking safety tips.


Dryer safety tips.



NFPA (National Fire Potection Association)





US Fire Administration / FEMA





American Red Cross





Fire Facts for Kids, Parents and Educators





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