What is a rekey and is it effective?

Rekeying is a very common practice in the locksmith industry. This is done by removing the cylinders from the existing hardware and replacing the internal parts of the lock to correspond to the new key. The old key will no longer work after this process has been completed. This is a very safe, secure and affordable alternative to replacing all of your locks with new hardware.

How long does a rekey usually take to complete?

Most average size residential homes have 3 exterior doors: front, back and garage that typically have 1 or 2 locks on each door. For this size home a re-key usually takes 30 - 45 minutes to complete in most cases. However, sometimes the job can take longer to complete if for example, the hardware is old, if there are no current keys available and we have to 'pick' the locks open, etc. Also, if we are performing added services like CO and smoke alarm checks, installing new hardware, etc, a job could take between 1 - 3 hours to complete.

Can I have all my locks on a single key?

Many times, yes. However, it depends on what type of hardware is currently installed on your home. It is quite common for homeowners to replace some of the locks in their home with new ones made by a different manufacturer. Not all keys are shaped the same, so the easiest way to see if having all your locks on a single key is possible is to take your current key and insert it into all the locks in your home. If the key goes into all the locks, then yes- they can all work on a single key. But if the key will go into some locks but not others, then you have two different types of 'keyways' and you will not be able to use the same key for all the locks. However, if having the convenience of one key is important to you, we can replace certain locks, or components of the lock so everything works on a single key. In most cases, the most common keyways found in most residential homes are Kwikset and Schlage. These keys are easily identifiable by either the shape of the head or 'bow'; Kwikset keys have a rounder bow and are stamped KW1, and Schlage keys have more of a triangular shaped bow and are stamped SC1.

Are there any types of locks that cost more to rekey?

Yes, there are some locks that are more labor intensive to rekey, such as profile cylinders, mortise cylinders and key in knob cylinders installed in multi-point locking doors and electronic keypads. Here are examples of what some of those locks look like. Profile Cylinder Mortise Lock & Cylinder Multi-Point Lock Electronic Keypads

What type of warranty do you offer?

When re-keying existing hardware we cannot warranty the locks themselves (since they are pre-existing) but we do provide a 90-day warrantee on labor services. If within that time frame, the locks are not working/locking properly because of something we overlooked or did not install properly, we will return to correct the issue at no cost you. Even though we cannot warrantee existing hardware, if we notice a lock that looks worn out and is likely to fail in the near future, we will make you aware of the issue and give you the option to replace it with new hardware. When we do provide and install new locks/hardware, we warantee the hardware and labor for 1 year.